Powerful Partnerships Supporting Baltimore City Students

On behalf of our students, teachers, and board, we thank all those who contributed in 2017 for making a difference in the lives of Baltimore City middle school youth.

MGP Supporters

Anonymous (6)
The Abell Foundation, Inc.
AFYA Public Charter School
Dr. James Albrecht
Ms. Melinda Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Al E. Angarita Jr.
Appleby-Vanko Fund at BCF
Arbor Dog Fund
The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Mr. Lahsen Assoufid
Ms. Bonnie Aubuchon
Clayton Baker Trust
Mr. and Mrs. William Balfour
Baltimore City Public School System
Baltimore Community Foundation
Baltimore Curriculum Project, Inc.
Ms. Kelly Barnes
Ms. Stephanie Baron
Mr. Buzz Beler
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bell Jr.
Ms. Kay Berney
Ms. Edith ‘Bunny’ Bernstein
Ms. Julie Bierman
Ms. Sandra Boyd
Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, Inc.
Stanley & Dorah Brager Family Fund at BCF
Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Family Foundation, Inc. at BCF
Ms. Jean Brune
Bryn Mawr School for Girls of Baltimore City
Anne and George Bunting
Calvert Family Trust
Campbell Foundation
Caplan Family Fund at BCF
Cheryl A. Casciani Fund at BCF
Beth Drummond Casey and Thomas Casey
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Tion Chinn
City Springs Elementary/Middle School
Mr. David Clapp
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Clapp
Ms. Jennifer Clark
Suzanne F. Cohen
Mr. Mark Colvin and Ms. Nancy B. Shuger
Margaret O. Cromwell Family Fund at BCF
Cross Country Elementary/Middle School
Mr. and Mrs. James Cusack
Ms. Ann O. Daniels and Mr. Eric Kalbfleisch
Jane and Worth B. Daniels Jr. Fund at BCF
Mr. and Mrs. H. Chace Davis Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason DeLancey
Derby-Masson Family Fund at BCF
Ms. Maya Doeh
Ms. Nancy L. Dorman and Mr. Stan Mazaroff
Egenton Foundation
Emess Philanthropic Fund
Employee Matching Program at BCF
Ms. Melissa Faulisi
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny L. Felton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fineman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Fishbein
Mr. Haswell M. Franklin Sr.
Mr. William D. Franklin
Friends School of Baltimore, Inc.
Fund for Populations at Risk at BCF
Garrison Forest School, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey H. Genth
Gilman School, Inc.
The Goldsmith Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey K. Gonya
Ms. Nancy Haas and Mr. Jim Wyda
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. W. Haines
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hall
Hamilton Elementary/Middle School
The Hardiman Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hardiman
Ms. Rhonda Harris
Mr. F. Barton Harvey III and Ms. Janet Marie Smith
Mr. Roland Harvey
Ms. Nicole Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Hettleman
Gina B. and Daniel B. Hirschhorn Fund at BCF
The Hopkinson Family Fund at BCF
Timothy and Sharon Howell
Ms. Michelle Hughes
Carlessia Hussein Minority Opportunity Fund at BCF
Ms. Wendy Myerberg Jachman
Ms. Paulette Jackson
The Jaguar Fund at BCF
Ms. Sara Johnson and Mr. Carey Zumpano
Mr. and Mrs. William Kalbfleisch
Ms. Nickia Kelly and Mr. Rahiem Ray
Townsend and Bob Kent
Mr. and Mrs. E. Christian Kiehne
Knollwood Investment Advisory, LLC
Mr. Matthew Kohel
Mr. Richard Kozak
Kramon & Graham, P.A.
Ms. Alison Krysiak
Mr. Ken O. Kupfer and Mrs. Leslie D. Harris-Kupfer
The John J. Leidy Foundation, Inc.
Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School
Ms. Hsiao-Hui Lin-Leonard
Lockhart Vaughan Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Machen
Macht Philanthropic Fund
Ms. Amy Macht and Mr. George R. Grose
Doris K. Marlow Memorial Fund at BCF
Ms. Genevieve H. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Martire
Ms. Matilde Mata
McDonogh School, Inc.
Ms. Andrea McKinney
Ms. Mary Page Michel and Mr. Michael N. Morrill
Elizabeth R. and William G. Minkin Philanthropic Fund
Morgan Stanley C/O Cybergrants, Inc.
Moser Family Foundation
Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Muller
Ms. Linda Murray and Mr. Clifton Bowens
Ms. Cathy Neuman
Ms. Kena Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Wells Obrecht
The Charles F. and Margaret M. H. Obrecht Family Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Linda Hambleton Panitz
Mr. Daniel Paradis
Park School of Baltimore, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Parker III
Ms. Marsha Y. Reeves
Ms. Rhonda Richetta
Arnold & Alison Richman
Leslie and Thomas Ries
Roland Park Country School, Inc.
Mr. Michael J. Ross
Baltimore Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Rudy and Dagmar Ruiz
The Philip and Beryl Sachs Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Samet
Ms. Wendy H. Samet and Mr. Andy Hartman
Ms. Renee Samuels and Mr. Jordan Rosenfeld
Ms. Lynn B. Sassin and Judge Nathan Braverman
Schwab Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Schwartz
Seawall Development Company
Amy and Justin Seto
M. Sigmund and Barbara K. Shapiro Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Sherman
Ms. Angela Showell
Ms. Jenny Sorel
Southwest Baltimore Charter School, Inc.
Ms. Janine Stewart
Ms. Jennifer Strasbaugh
Ms. Diana Sugg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Tildon lll
Ms. Stacie Tobin and Mr. Mike Murphy
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Mr. and Mrs. David Troy
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Turner
The United Way of Central Maryland, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Van Buren
Mr. David A. Vanko and Ms. Carol Appleby-Vanko
Venable Foundation
Visa Matching Gifts Program
Ms. Anita Walia and Mr. Bradley M. Firlie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. S. Waxter III
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation
Ms. Phyllis Whims-Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William E. White
Mr. Thomas E. Wilcox and Ms. E. Whitney Ransome
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wilcoxson
Ms. Jennifer Wilson
The Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for Children of Baltimore City
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Woloson
Ms. Mee Wong
Ms. Marianne Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Woods
Kalinda and Kevin Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wyskiel
Ms. Barbara Zentz
Zerhouni Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. William D. Zerhouni and Ms. Uriyaon Colon-Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Zerhusen