Powerful Partnerships Supporting Baltimore City Students

Hampstead Hill Academy & Friends School of Baltimore

What Makes This Middle Grades Partnership

Each Middle Grades Partnership program is wholly designed by teachers from a Baltimore City public school and its partner private school. Because students differ from site to site, programs do too. However, all Middle Grades Partnership programs—designed to stimulate, not remediate—embody these principles:

  • Creative, exciting and experienced teachers from public and private schools leading each classroom
  • Rigorous and rewarding academic and enrichment activities during 150 hours of summer programming, with a strong focus on building skills in algebra, writing and reading
  • Projects during the school year that bring students from both schools together to better understand themselves and their city, and to make a difference in their communities.
About the Program

“What if?” Asking—and answering—that question is at the heart of this partnership. Students engage in an experience designed not just to inform, but to create a deeper relationship with the world. Teachers from both schools unite to present learning as an endeavor and not just a way to amass a body of knowledge.

In addition to Middle Grades Partnership’s core focus on algebra, writing and reading, this partnership engages students in:

  • Visual art
  • Ceramics
  • Global studies
  • Service learning
  • Computer programming
  • STEM
  • Team sports
  • Swimming

“Gaining a deeper understanding of quadratics was helpful because it helped me to get ahead for the school year. Making new friends was great.”

Recent Highlights

Social Justice questions such as what does it mean, who is privy to it and how to recognize social injustice are being explored by students.  These issues are key to this partnership since many of the Hampstead Hill public school students are from recent immigrant families and the Friends private school students feel removed and therefore do not know how to engage in Social Justice conversations.  Students are creating a quilt wherein each square speaks to them on these Social Justice topics.