Powerful Partnerships Supporting Baltimore City Students

Lillie May Carroll Jackson Public Charter School & Roland Park Country School

What Makes This Middle Grades Partnership

Each Middle Grades Partnership program is wholly designed by teachers from a Baltimore City public school and its partner private school. Because students differ from site to site, programs do too. However, all Middle Grades Partnership programs—designed to stimulate, not remediate—embody these principles:

  • Creative, exciting and experienced teachers from public and private schools leading each classroom
  • Rigorous and rewarding academic and enrichment activities during 150 hours of summer programming, with a strong focus on building skills in algebra, writing and reading
  • Projects during the school year that bring students from both schools together to better understand themselves and their city, and to make a difference in their communities.
What Makes This Partnership Unique

The study of urban gardens is an entry point to exploring science and ecology. Social justice issues are analyzed, as girls work together to better understand and take action on issues facing our city.

In addition to Middle Grades Partnership’s core focus on algebra, writing and reading, this partnership engages students in:

  • Ecology and gardening
  • Nutrition
  • Media literacy
  • Science
  • Visual art
  • Dance
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Life skills
  • Team building

“A positive experience that I had at Middle Grades Partnership this summer was learning how to solve equations in math class. Even though I was still not the best at it, I tried it. It was very fun and very interesting to me.”

Recent Highlights

Students are working in urban gardens, study soil conditions, climate, plant and human nutrition, and Baltimore’s impact on the health of the Chesapeake Bay. When they were not in the garden, students are deconstructing media images of gender and race. Students filmed their positive images in a working television studio and are producing a documentary on food deserts in Baltimore.