Powerful Partnerships Supporting Baltimore City Students

Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School & McDonogh School

What Makes This Middle Grades Partnership

Each Middle Grades Partnership program is wholly designed by teachers from a Baltimore City public school and its partner private school. Because students differ from site to site, programs do too. However, all Middle Grades Partnership programs—designed to stimulate, not remediate—embody these principles:

  • Creative, exciting and experienced teachers from public and private schools leading each classroom
  • Rigorous and rewarding academic and enrichment activities during 150 hours of summer programming, with a strong focus on building skills in algebra, writing and reading
  • Projects during the school year that bring students from both schools together to better understand themselves and their city, and to make a difference in their communities.
About the Program

Students of the Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle School and McDonogh School partnership benefit from the use of McDonogh’s expansive campus. The exceptional teachers of this long-standing partnership balance rigorous academics with thoughtful activities that address the needs of the whole child. Building relationships is at the heart of this partnership; Mt.Royal students know that they are welcomed members of the McDonogh community.

In addition to Middle Grades Partnership’s core focus on algebra, writing and reading, this partnership engages students in:

  • College visits
  • STEM / robotics
  • Spanish
  • Horseback riding
  • Leadership training
  • Outdoor education
  • Swimming
  • Life skills

“One positive experience I had at Middle Grades Partnership was when they helped me build relationships with people and trust them. The way that happened was we took a trip to outward bound and they had various activities that we could do to build relationships with the people in our groups. For example, we had to climb up a 50ft wall but the people in the group also had to pull a rope so we could make it up there safely. It really had a positive impact on me.”

Recent Highlights

This partnership is continuing its successful Rock Shop Band in which students from both schools play instruments, compose music and write song lyrics TOGETHER.  Students also scrimmage in basketball and track and work together every month in a food pantry.