Powerful Partnerships Supporting Baltimore City Students


Middle Grades Partnership School Year

In the fall of 2014, Middle Grades Partnership expanded its programming to include a school year component. While the summer primarily focuses on academics and academic enrichment for middle school students, the school year program is designed to help students from both schools get to know one another while developing critical non-cognitive skills. Our school year program is the evolving venue where students from both communities work together on long-term projects addressing issues of relevance to them and fostering understanding and friendship.

Middle Grades Partnership Summer

Middle Grades Partnership’s summer program works to halt and reverse summer learning loss for middle school students by providing opportunities that address not only the fundamental elements of math, reading and writing, but also delve deeply into topics teachers may not have time to cover during the school year. Middle Grades Partnership’s summer programs weave in artistic, athletic and enrichment opportunities, helping provide a comprehensive curriculum that’s not just educational but also fun and inspiring.

Middle Grades Partnership