Powerful Partnerships Supporting Baltimore City Students

“MGP has stimulated my daughter’s mind to think outside the box, she has learned to canoe, write poetry, and tons of other things that I feel will be beneficial in her future.”

Parent of MGP Student


What Makes Us Unique

Access to new connections that leads to new ways of thinking is central to MGP.

At MGP we marshal the resources and expertise of public and private school teachers, leaders and students who together, on equal footing, to learn and grow from one another and change the trajectory of all our student’s lives.   Opportunities often reserved for middle and upper class students open up new worlds for public school students. Likewise, engaging and collaborating with their public school peers creates unique experiences and understanding for private school students.

To facilitate this we hire the most experienced, qualified, dedicated and creative teachers. At MGP we do not rely on new or student teachers. Nor do we rely on standardized curricula. Instead, each of our partnerships is unique and tailored to the needs and strengths of their students. You can see the difference everyday across our partnerships.

MGP students:

  • Read and analyze great novels, plays and poetry
  • Write essays, poems, stories
  • Delve deeply into mathematics

They also:

  • Design race cars, parachutes and robots
  • Build spaghetti bridges, vertical gardens, prosthetic legs for elephants and tails for fish
  • Hike, swim, canoe, zip on lines above the trees and ride horses
  • Create apps for social good, compose ring tones, fire ceramics, master dance moves and paint paintings
  • Analyze media images, confront stereotypes and write, record and edit positive media messages in a television studio
  • Make documentary movies
  • Write grant proposals for causes they believe in

The results are multi-faceted. We create thoughtful students, future leaders and larger world views.

Middle Grades Partnership