MIDDLE Grades Partnership serves MIDDLE school students with academic programming that reverses summer learning loss, provides enrichment, leadership opportunities, and civic engagement. Our students from public and private schools meet in the MIDDLE, working and learning side by side. We focus on MIDDLE school students because this is a critical time in their development. Most of our students start out in the MIDDLE academically but soon are acknowledged as academic leaders. MIDDLE Grades Partnership affords Baltimore schools, teachers, leaders, and communities the rare opportunity meet in the MIDDLE and connect in meaningful ways.


Middle GRADES Partnership serves students in GRADES 5 through 9 from Baltimore’s public and private schools, though interns and mentors who make the GRADE often stay with us much longer. We pride ourselves on empowering our students to achieve academic excellence with high-quality teaching in high-engagement classrooms while freeing them from GRADES and high-stakes testing. We GRADE ourselves on bringing students, teachers, and communities from diverse communities together in meaningful ways and on getting over 90% of our students from our public schools into the city’s top academically competitive high schools.


Middle Grades PARTNERSHIP believes that in true PARTNERSHIP, we can achieve more for all our students and communities than we can apart. In each of our PARTNERSHIPS, students from public and private schools learn side by side, taught by teachers from both schools who work in PARTNERSHIP to create and deliver both challenging academics and inspiring enrichment to our students. Then in PARTNERSHIP, our students work together to identify, understand, and address issues that concern them, developing 21st Century and leadership skills together.
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