“I enjoyed working every single day. This has been the best job that I’ve ever had. Middle Grades Partnership’s freedom as a director and teacher allows for meaningful moments in the classroom each day, teaching things that the students see value in.”
Middle Grades Partnership Teacher


To ensure that our teachers are delivering high-quality programming, the Central Office staff observes our partnership sites regularly. After observing a class or activity, we give feedback and suggestions for adjusting the curriculum to enhance the summer experience for our students. Again, this year, we will use program impact surveys from students, parents, and staff. We will collect and report on student outcomes including high school acceptances, school year attendance, student comprehensive scores, student grades, summer attendance and retention, and student tracking through high school graduation. We will be using MAP and iReady formative testing scores to confirm actual summer learning gains from spring to fall once testing in the schools resumes. We are also working with Johns Hopkins University departments of Economics and Sociology to evaluate how we can serve our students better and our effect on changing attitudes regarding race and class. It is important to note that the lack of testing within City Schools last year means that we do not have this data available to us this year.
Middle Grades Partnership recognizes the critical nature of the transition from middle school to high school while acknowledging the instability and inconsistency that plagues the lives of many of our students. It has been a point of discomfort that we develop close relationships with our students over three critical years but have then considered our work done when they are accepted to top public high schools. Yes, some return as interns—but what about the rest? Our Program Director will help us guide program enhancements, direct improvements in our approach to the high school transition, and develop a mentorship program. This person will be collecting high school GPA, English and, Math grades, Honors and AP courses, attendance, on track for grade promotion and graduation, and student transfers. Re-engagement of our alumni as mentors will develop their leadership skills putting them on a path to greater success while enhancing the experience for all.
Middle Grades Partnership increases opportunities for academically promising Baltimore City public middle school students through public and private school partnerships.
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