Uniting Students, Education, and Communities

“In math class we would learn things that they don’t even teach at college or high school and they teach it to you in a fun environment that helps you understand these complex equations.”

Support Our Students

With your help, we can do more. Here’s what your gift to Middle Grades Partnership can do:
$25 = a week of food for one student during our summer programming
$100 = a complete set of novels for one language arts class
$250 = out of classroom experiences ie college visits, acting workshops or team building challenge courses
$450 = five weeks of daily transportation for three students
$1,000 = 27 hours of quality teaching time
$1,500 = a year of Middle Grades Partnership programming for one middle school student

Two Easy Ways to Give

Middle Grades Partnership is an initiative of the Baltimore Community Foundation. We want you to know that 100% of your donation supports Middle Grades Partnership programs.



To mail us a gift, make your check payable to Middle Grades Partnership and send to:

Middle Grades Partnership
c/o Baltimore Community Foundation
P.O. Box 37422
Baltimore, MD 21297-3422