“My child is now interested in being an engineer since attending Middle Grades Partnership which is exciting to me.”
Parent of Middle Grades Partnership Student

Our Goals

The goals set by Middle Grades Partnership for its students are multifaceted. We charge each of our partnerships with the following: at the end of three summers in Middle Grades Partnership, Baltimore City students should be able to write a clear and concise five-paragraph essay, read for pleasure, cite text, be prepared to take Algebra 1 and gain acceptance to a city-wide highly selective academic entrance criteria. We have added the component of preparing our students in critical non-cognitive areas as well including executive function, perseverance and leadership. We support each partnership with devising a program to meet the above criteria, building on the strengths of both schools.
Our goals are to aid our students to:
  • Halt and reverse summer learning loss
  • Possess broad and deep algebraic reasoning skills and be prepared for high-level high school mathematics
  • View themselves as writers, able to write clear and convincing descriptive and expository paragraphs within five-paragraph essays
  • Have reading comprehension skills at or above grade level, easily cite text to support interpretation, view themselves as readers and read willingly for pleasure
  • Develop non-cognitive skills and high-level executive functioning
  • Be accepted into academically rigorous public high schools with college preparatory curricula
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