Uniting Students, Education, and Communities

“My first summer into the program I was thrilled because of the learning environment and the teachers. The teachers were so willing to teach you and were open to what you had to say, and the environment was intimate and well structured, which ultimately is the reason I was able to matriculate throughout the past three summers.”
Middle Grades Partnership Program Graduate

Who We Are

Middle Grades Partnership is a three-year program for Baltimore Middle School students providing educational opportunities, enriching experiences and access across social boundaries through public and private school partnerships. We provide year-round learning opportunities that prepare our students to excel in rigorous high schools. Middle Grades Partnership addresses widening opportunity gaps between students by marshaling the considerable expertise of both schools. Middle Grades Partnership acts as a catalyst for change by nurturing partnerships that address inequities in education and beyond.


Middle Grades Partnership is designed to enrich minds and reduce social barriers between urban public school students and private school students by preparing them to succeed in a diverse, ever-changing world. Middle Grades Partnership brings teachers, leaders, and students from both school communities together in nine distinct partnerships. To truly make an impact, Middle Grades Partnership works with students throughout their entire middle school experience during a time where they are developmentally ready to try and understand their role in the world.
Stanford University’s Michael K. Kirst, president of the California Board of Education, says “Middle grades are the last best chance to identify students at risk of academic failure and get them back on track in time to succeed in high school.”
While the summer program primarily focuses on halting critical summer learning loss through academic enrichment for public school students, the school year program is designed to build relationships between both public and private school students while developing critical non-cognitive skills.
Middle Grades Partnership aims to provide the opportunities and circumstances to develop academic skills, non-cognitive skills and the ability to soar in the city’s most competitive public high schools.